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The capital of the country and and the biggest town in Croatia. Rich with culture, museums, operas, plays, and possibilities. Ideal for discovering the arts and history of our capital. Visit the Cathedral in the center of the town whilst you pass by the famous Dolac market place. Did you know the tie was invented in Croatia' let's visit a small tie manufacturer and learn the history of the tie and the many ways a tie can be tied. Perhaps we can have your company logo imprinted on the tie or on scarfs. Of course, imprinted with style and taking account details. Since you are doing business in Zagreb, you need a quality pen. Did you know the fountain pen was also invented in Croatia? The word pen is directly derived from the Croatian inventor Mr. Slavoljub Penkala. Let us learn more about the pen and the Capital of Zagreb.

We also suggest you visit the the town of Varaždin and surrounding areas, wine cellars and the very many top restaurants.

Zagreb is very well connected with the world and with the rest of Croatia.

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