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Croatia has increasingly, year after year, invested in quality conference halls and special venues with impressive technical equipment and professional services and has become a sought out destination for organizing business events. However, during business let us impress you with the best settings, the ideal venue, an inspiring theme, the experience of a destination and the efficiency of coordination.

We are able to supply you with additional technical facilities and logistics for large scale conferences and exhibitions, coordinated transfers, congress planning and staff support, registration of participants, as well as marketing possibilities.

The locations, such as an island with a sandy beach, medieval towns, castles and forts can be transformed into themed events that are decorated in order to create and outstanding atmosphere. Craftsmen, decorations, musicians, costumes, entertainment can be roman, medieval, traditional and most of the time related to history or legends with the goal of taking you to the past. Every event is themed and can also be adapted to a product launch or to a company profile and always has surprises.


Sporting events

Regarding sports event we can organize triathlons, mountain bike competitions, windsurfing, stand up paddle, jet-ski and other sporting events. We have very good connections with all major sports associations – regional and national. These events can have a professional or leisure character. These and similar events include location finding, logistics, permissions, accommodations, transfers, marketing, catering, special tours and the organization of concerts.

Team building

Our goal is simple... to give you an experience which you will often remember with a smile. Guided by our creative team, we will make your team building a success journey. All programs are challenging and require all elements of teamwork - communication, setting goals, time planning, problem solving, collaboration, creativity, achievement and of course, always necessary, a lot of fun and laughter. The level of difficulty varies from group to group, learn to solve effortless but challenging tasks or be more active, such as learning to sail a sailing boat as a team and help steer your team to victory.

Maybe these proverbs may best describe our goal whilst organizing a team building program:

“We are most effective as a team when we compliment each other without embarrassment and disagree without fear. “ - Unknown

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

- Henry Ford  

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