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Is a scenario which enables one to enjoy the clarity of the blue sea. Having been proclaimed by ADAC (a German quality organization for campers) that we have the cleanest sea in the Mediterranean, it makes it only logical to explore as much as possible. With crystal clear waters on the coast of Istria, we offer you the possibilities of experiencing the splashes of the waves through various activities.


Sailing/yachting - Discover the beautiful and picturesque coastline with magnificent shores and remarkable coastal towns by feeling the breeze under the hot sun as you sail. Have an experienced skipper guide you through the very many islands and stop over at some of the remote beaches to enjoy the sea. We are able to organize sailing boats and yacht with excellent equipment. Enjoy a night at any given Marina and if you wish we can organize a breakfast for you on board.

Speed boats – if you wish to discover a lot more a lot sooner, then why not let us organize a speed boat for you. You can rent the boar with or without an assistant and discover the coast at your own speed. We provide snorkeling and water skiing equipment if necessary and inform you of the best spots and the best islands to visit.

Island hopping – let us take the wheel and steer you to the best islands and destinations. You can bring along your bike and discover each island whilst pedaling your way along the coast of untouched scenery. We will stop and have time to swim and fulfill your day with extra activities – such as water skiing, being pulled on a rubber tube as a group, to sailing lessons, to water basketball, water polo or even water volleyball. We can include fishing and what we catch we can prepare on the shore or on the boat itself. The fun has just started and the sun is out to stay.

Big game fishing - get aboard a luxury boat and with a professional skipper. You will receive fishing rods, various bait and the rest depends on your skill to reel in the really big fish while trolling or drifting along the blue sea – Bluefin tuna, swordfish, Mediterranean spearfish and sharks. After a busy day and a slight snack – let’s go to a local restaurant and witness how to prepare the catch of the day. We also have the possibility to go night fishing or traditional fishing. Go out with a fisherman. Hip pull out the nets and earn the names of the different types of fish you have caught.

Deep sea diving and wreck diving – if you have had enough of splashing above the sea, then it is time to discover what lies beneath. Have an instructor tutor you on how to deep sea dive. What security elements have to be taken into consideration and with guidance, one can discover the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and its underwater world. If you are already experienced the let us take you to the many ship wrecks from the 1st and 2nd world war that can be found in the area. Witness the steel of such a weapon of destruction and let it be an unforgettable experience.   

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