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The scenario of Blue winds is meant for exploring the beautiful destination from a bird’s eye view. Witness the beautiful medieval towns at the very top of green hills, coastal towns or the very many islands engulfed by the sea.

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Balloon ride - enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the hilltops of the Mirna valley whilst sipping on a glass or sparkling wine with strawberries. Float along the air and learn how to navigate. The experience is unforgettable.

Panorama flight – perhaps you might be afraid of an open flight so the idea would be a panorama flight. Flying above the entire coast line and over the hilltops of the region with an experienced pilot makes you appreciate the destination and its beauty a lot more.

Parasailing – if you are along the coast but are eager to find out what surrounds you , then a parasailing adventure is the right experience. Be pulled by a speed boat at high speeds as your parachute opens and lifts you up to 300 meters in the air. Enjoy the sight of all the blue that surrounds you.  

Paragliding – not only will you have a bird’s view of the picturesque hinterlands of the region but will be able to sore like a bird too. With experienced guides and security measures, you will take off from one of the many hilltops in the Istrian region and the rest is up to you . If you are inexperienced, do not worry we can have a so called tandem to bring you to the ground safely.

Sky diving – only for the brave. The best way to experience free falling is by taking one step out of a moving airplane. Experience the rush as you let go – don’t worry a professional is on your back, taking care of all security measures.

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