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This category is meant to take you underground. To take you to dark and unexpected places – but once you get there you will be amazed.


Speleology – Join us we take you to the many caves in the Istrian region. With professional instructors who will guide you about safety measures and let you conquer your fears with ease. Speleology is remarkably exiting and you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you look back into the cave and know that it was not that difficult.

Wild game hunting – join us on a hunting adventure through woods and mud as we search for wild boar, deer, rabbits, birds or sometimes even bear. With professionals by your side and precautions taken into account, you are the hunter. Practice before hand at a shooting range. After your adventure join the hunters and enjoy wild game prepared traditionally at the end of the day.

Mushroom picking - If you are fond of animals, then follow how mushroom expert and learn about the types of mushrooms and which are poisonous and which edible. After a pleasant day walking through mud and a rewarding basket full of different types of mushrooms, we will meet up with our chef and prepare your well - deserved meal.

Off road and quad trails – if you are not so keen in hunting but nonetheless like the mud, then we offer you an off road experience through the back roads of Istria.Get in jeeps and travel on off road trails and discover small producers of wine, olive oil, honey, cheese, grappa and so on. Visit old frescoes in almost abandoned churches, visit medieval towns and be part of the culture and traditions as you are welcomed open heartedly by the common people. This can also be done by quads, depending on the difficulty of the trail.  

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