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This category is meant for you to be in sync with nature. To discover the very many flora and fauna of the region, to appreciate herbs, vegetables and fungi by listening to from farm producers and their secrets. These scenarios can be enjoyed by foot, horseback or bike.


Trekking, hiking, horseback riding, cycling - Let us take you on a walking, trekking, horseback or biking tour in the untouched green wilderness of Istria. Walk along the very many broken paths and stop over at a farm to learn the joys of cooking all that is found in the vicinity. Depending on the seasons, you can search for wild asparagus, different types of herbs, hidden types of mushrooms including the rare truffles of Istria or even very rare orchids. Learn how grappa from mistletoe is made. Tate tea and juices made from herbs and what are their healing possibilities.

Harvest of grapes and olives – during September and October is the harvest of olives and grapes. Visit producers and their vineyards or their olive tree plantations and earn everything there is about making wine and extra virgin olive oil. The green plantations and olive trees are remarkably beautiful. Help the producers pick the olives or grapes by hand and follow the process of making some of the best wines and olive oils. Learn the types of grapes and olives that are being harvested and the secrets during harvesting. After the olive oil harvest, we can join the producers as they make their way to the oil mils. Follow the procedures and watch as the olives you hand-picked become transformed into extra virgin olive oil. You can even take a bottle home with you. Imagine – your own self-made extra virgin extra quality olive oil.  

Butterfly and bird watching – perhaps you want to orientate your gaze upwards instead of down and look for the very many types of butterflies and birds. Let us take you to several protected areas, where with a professional guide and ranger you can catch on your camera the very many different species. It is said that just in the nature park Palud that there can be up to 200 different kinds of birds at any given time.

National and nature parks - If you are one that appreciates nature but does not keep record of your findings, then the ideal location for you to visit are the very many nature parks and the well-known National park Brijuni. Take a ride with the eco-train and discover the beauty and the flora and fauna of the islands. Witness deer crazing in a distance, peacocks in green fields, endemic Istrian species such as the Boškarin – the Istrian ox or even the zebras at the Safari park. Enjoy other parks such as the cape Kamenjak, Ćićarija and the highest mountain top Učka.

Golf – is another way of enjoying the peacefulness of the destination. Take a swing at the golf ball on the eco-golf course on the Brijuni islands surrounded by greenery and the blue sea or at the Kempinski golf course - both 18 holes and ideal for amateurs and professionals. Appreciate nature whilst being focused and challenged. If you need assistance or lessons, our professionals will gladly help.       

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