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The color red in this category is mostly going to describe products derived from the red soil of Istria such as the red wines including the authentic sort of grape named Teran and other products such as tomatoes, paprika, and strawberries and so on. Another, product which also has a deep red color to it is the Istrian prosciutto.


The red soil – among the very different types of soils and earth in Istria, in the western and central part of the peninsula you will come across a distinct red soil – called in Istrian – “crvena zemlja”. Vineyards and olive tree plantations on such soil, extract different types of rich minerals which in turn yield amazing olive oils and wines. Plantations and farms are mostly found on red soils.

Red wines – let us visit a wine producer specialized and famous for making quality red wines. Try the authentic Teran, a Syrah, a Merlot, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Borgonja or the liquor of Teran and others. Meet with sommeliers and learn how to taste wines and what elements should be taken into account. The wines of Istria are rich due to the microclimate of the region and they yield some amazing world class wines.

Visit a of natural production farms – instead of going to shopping for your vegetables at a store, let us take you to some of the best farms where, depending on the season, we can taste naturally grown vegetables that are not genetically modified and that have not been treated with any pesticides. These vegetable and fruits a rich with taste and have an outstanding fragrance. We will try fresh tomatoes, paprika, radishes, radicchio and strawberries.

Visit of prosciutto producer – one of the many prides of Istrian gastronomy is certainly the red colored naturally dried prosciutto. Meet a producer and learn how this product is produced, how long it takes to get just right and what are the personal recipes and secrets. How it is dried, how it is served and cut and of course, what it tastes like. Let also visit the prosciutto fair and enjoy this delicacy.  

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