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This category pertains to gastronomy but also to the Istrian stone and its beauty and importance.


The white truffle - among the top products in gastronomy the white Istrian truffle has a key role in Istrian and world gastronomy. During October to the end of the year the white truffle can be found in the very many forests of Istria – amongst which are the Motovun forests. Learn the mystery of the white truffle, where does this mushroom grow? How long does it take to grow? How do we find them? What are the best meals made out of truffles? What is its value? Join us for a truffle experience like no other and what we find we will prepare with the help of a chef in a fancy restaurant or at a farm holiday. If you arrive in October, make sure you visit the truffle fair with us.

The white soil – among the very different types of soils and earth in Istria, in the northern part of the peninsula you will come across a distinct white soil – called in Istrian – “bijela zemlja”. Vineyards and olive tree plantations on such soil, extract different types of rich minerals which in turn yield amazing olive oils and wines.

White wines - let us visit a wine producer specialized and famous for making quality white wines. Try the authentic Malvazija, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, the Momjanski muškat, Motovunski muškat and others. Meet with sommeliers and learn how to taste wines and what elements should be taken into account. The wines of Istria are rich due to the microclimate of the region and they yield some amazing world class wines.


The white stone of Istria - Learn the methods of sculpturing. Witness the importance and beauty that stone has had and has in the world of artists and architects. We visit sculpture parks and with experienced artists, learn the basics of sculpturing as we chisel away at valuable stone to its final form.   Visit the typical stone hut made up out of dry stone and finds out its purpose. Meet up with souvenir makers and learn how to create your own typical Istrian souvenir. We guide you to discover the typical architecture of coastal and medieval towns, as well as farm holidays and old churches. Remember, you won't need to buy a typical souvenir... you have already made one! 

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