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The aim of this category is of personal achievement. Compete... and win! Most of the activities are based on an adrenalin rush for each individual. Push your limits under a controlled environment and do the unexpected!

Let us challenge you to free climb the rockiest mountains as you use your concentration, patience and every muscle to overwhelm your expectations. With or without guidance you will reach your limit. Once you reach the top, what better way to get down then by paragliding or if weather (wind) conditions are not favorable then get on your bike and follow the extreme downhill path to the bottom.

If you have the courage, you might want to experience a free falling. Only for the brave. The best way to experience free falling is by taking one step out of a moving airplane. Experience the rush as you let go – don’t worry a professional is on your back, taking care of all security measures.


Maybe you prefer underground instead of above it, let our instructors guide you down the many caves. Speleology is remarkably exiting and you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you look back into the cave and know that it was not that difficult.

Experience the challenges of the blue. Deep sea diving, wreck diving, sea kayaking, big game fishing, cliff diving are all activities where you need discipline, endurance and patience. Each experience is challenging but always rewarding.


If you are competitive and decide to compete within a group then we offer activities such as go-cart racing, off road go-cart racing, quad racing, mountain bike races... Feel the adrenalin rush as you steer passed your opponent through forests, abandoned tracks or on professional racing courses.

Other activities involve archery, paintball and a shooting range. Defeat stress every time you pull on the trigger or release your arrow and be amazed at what a good shot you are as you hit your target.


*All above mentioned activities have strict terms and conditions, safety precautions and professionals who will guide and advise you.

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