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The idea of this category is to experience creative, artistic and imaginative activities that allow you to be in sync with nature and history and all their elements and colors in order to find peace and balance. Each element has its natural state and we use them to create something tangible.

1-ArtsPainting lessons - let us guide you through all the elements of painting. What colors are derived directly from the earth, how to express yourself through those colors and through the gestures of your paint brush. Mix soil, cut grass or burn wood to make your mark on your canvas. Give your personnel perception to the beautiful surroundings around you, as we take you to picturesque locations of towns, shores, nature parks, forests, valleys and so on. Your panting will then become a post card and an invitation to a friend, to find serenity in our beautiful country.

2-ArtsSculpturing lessons - learn the methods of sculpturing. Witness the importance and beauty that clay, stone and wood have had and have in the world of artists and architects. We visit sculpture parks and with experienced artists, learn the basics of sculpturing as we chisel away at valuable stone and wood or shape clay to its final form.   Meet up with souvenir makers and mold and create your own typical Croatian souvenir. We guide you to discover the typical architecture of coastal and medieval towns, as well as farm holidays and old churches. Remember, you won't need to buy a typical souvenir... you have already made one!


Legends - events that revive history, Istrian myths and legends at authentic locations. In only a few days, visitors will be able to travel through time, through the period of castles, Roman villas, urban centres and museums, participating in Roman feasts, medieval executions, Baroque balls and visiting a coal mine. Moments of Istria’s mystical history, demonstrated by excellent actors in superb scenery, followed by a specially prepared dinner with menus from various historical periods, entertainment, dancing and interesting surprises...
This is an opportunity to experience extraordinary magical adventures possible only in Istria!
Join this unique revival of the spirits of Istrian history!

Done in coorporation with Istra Inspirit. 

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