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What better way to enjoy a destination, than through gastronomy. This category allows you to learn the traditional culinary traditions of the region and to intrigue your palette with all the many authentic products. Istria is a destination which does not produce a mass amount of products for export so the country has oriented itself on quality and by doing so has put Croatia on the world gastronomy map. Istria is blessed with seasonal products and this is to be found at local producers, farm holidays, the typical inn called Konoba and the many local restaurants. Taste our culture and enjoy! There are so many possibilities regarding gastronomy, but let us focus on just a few.

2-TasteWINE: visit the most famous Croatian wine cellars which produce eco wines, which use the “sur lit” method, which produce wines in big amforas or visit wine shops and taste authentic wines from the region. With help from experienced sommeliers, enjoy a degustation blind folded or help during the harvest of grapes. The locations of the cellars are amazing, the legends and stories are interesting, the wine makers are passionate and the wines themselves are impressive.

OLIVE OIL: during September visit an olive tree plantation and with the local producers learn what elements and procedures one has to go through in order to get first class extra virgin olive oil. Learn the types of olives grown in Croatia, the way you cut the tree, the amount of sunlight, the way the olives are harvested and so on. Have a typical local meal on the grass with the locals and learn the primary elements you need to focus on while trying olive oil. At the end of the day, we have a surprise for you. Come find out what it is!

Croatia has entered the top 10 producers of the world regarding extra virgin olive oil and the secrets of this success are yours to discover.

1-TasteTRUFFLES: did you know that the biggest white truffle in the world was found in Croatia? To be exact it was found in the region of Istria and is in the Guinness book of records. Come on a truffle experience you will never forget. Experience the truffle hunt with a truffle hunter and his faithful dogs, unveil the mystery of the truffle of where it is found and why its value is praised. Once you experience the hunt, visit a farm holiday, learn with what the truffle best matches and prepare your own local meal! Come during October and visit the infamous truffle fair and be part of the auction of truffles. Caution recommended... the truffle, after all, is an aphrodisiac!

3-TasteFISH & OYSTERS: Croatia has more than a 5.000 km coastline and over 365 types of fish! Imagine, you can have a different fish every day. Let us take you on a boat trip between the many islands, you can either go underwater spearfishing, fish from the boat or simply help the fisherman pull out his nets. What we catch is what we will prepare, whether on your own private island and beach or in a typical inn (Konoba) with the owner himself. Let them show you the creativity and the many ways in preparing fish.


We can also throw in a visit to an oyster producer. Visit the oyster farm and watch as oysters are pulled out directly from the sea and brought onto the boat. Learn the percentage of survival, the hardship in running an oyster farm and the different kinds of sea shells. Open the shells yourself, sprinkle some lemon and enjoy it with a nice glass of champagne or sparkling wine.


OTHER: Other activities include the search for wild asparagus and mushrooms, hunting for wild game, try the endemic bull called “Boškarin”, visit honey, cheese, liquor and grappa producers or simply waking up on a farm and not requiring a store, but instead learning and using all products nature so readily offers us. 

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