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Is a scenario which is mostly oriented around women and allows them to relax and enjoy the destination without much stress but with confidence and happiness.


Shopping – among the top activities in any destination, we will guide you to the best spots to find what you are looking for. We have several options which include visiting a fashion designer and creating just for your needs, visiting exclusive stores, entering shopping malls or simply walking through market places and common shopping streets. If you are looking for that ideal souvenir – we will help you find it.

Successful women – during our visit of the stunning peninsula of Istria we will stop and visit successful women along the way. Meet one of the best sommeliers in Croatia as she talks to you about her love for wines and hold a crash course on how to taste wine; meet up with a successful truffle hunter as she tells you her tails of success in the truffle business and what are the dangers and hardships. Meet one of the most successful owners of a boutique hotel and enjoy what she has to offer. Visit one of the top female chefs in the region and taste what she has prepared for you. There are so many successful women – the list can go on and on…

2-WomenWellness – treat yourself to a soothing wellness program with minerals, baths, salts and fragrances. Enjoy the spa, facial treatments, massages and simply al round relaxation. Wellness is the feeling of healthy body and soul and a healthy lifestyle. It is an activity that gives us enough energy for happiness, health and satisfaction. Apart from the numerous massages, wellness centres are worth visiting for their various beneficial therapies and compresses, and for healthy eating programmes.

Personal trainer – enjoy the company of a personal trainer as he informs you of the daily activities that can be done to keep you healthy, confident and smiling. Join a fitness program made entirely just for you and suited for you. You choose the tempo. Every training has its reward, come find out what is yours.

Latino dancing lessons – never had time for a salsa or a tango lesson? Take a short break and we will teach you how to move your hips, your heels and to flow with the music. Guided by professional Latino dancers, you will learn the beauty of movement and grace and of course have a lot of fun!


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